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Internship Reflection Aska Djikia

AWH Intern Reflection Essay Aska Djikia, Project Coordinator This summer marks my fourth consecutive year as a Vancouver dweller; I moved here at the age of 17 to attend university, and would like to believe that I quickly adapted to the Vancouver pace and life. In my third year, I began to experiment beyond my […]

Internship Reflection Madeleine Hebert

I met Catherine Pulkinghorn at one of my final studio exhibitions at the Salt Building (in Olympic Village) in Vancouver. The studio exhibition was for my final studio of the Environmental Design Program at UBC. We were looking at the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood and spent half a semester mapping and analyzing the area and the […]

Signage & Wayfinding

Exploring Architectural Features through a Heritage District Scavenger Hunt

This week, I facilitated the third workshop in the Artists Walking Home Autumn Re-Imagining Wayfinding in Yaletown workshop series. I chose to focus on architectural features because it is in my field of study and I have always been interested in Heritage architecture. Creating a scavenger hunt for participants was a way to create an […]

Architectural Features

Community & Transportation

Reflections & Revelations: Community & Transportation

Upon arrival in Vancouver, preparations for the upcoming workshop were rigorous and intense. The most challenging aspect of the entire experience was to simultaneously place myself in two places at once: one being at the aid of my fellow partners in San Diego for completion of our graduating Interior Design project. The other side of […]

A Reflection: From Seed to Bloom: Nature in the City

Very suddenly, it all came whirring to an end. For once, I did not have to pull an all-nighter to finish my work on time: my compulsive editing had ceased a week prior to showtime, with a few minor alterations here and there. My mind, split down the centre, woke me up at 6 in […]

Nature in the City

Re-Imagining Wayfinding in Yaletown

Presenters / Catherine Pulkinghorn, Aska Djikia, Sandy Wang, Christine Carino, Madeleine Hebert, Michelle Fu, Danielle Bauer Re-Imagining Wayfinding in Yaletown Nature In The City Community & Transportation Architectural Features Signage & Wayfinding Posters designed by Aska Djikia This autumn, Roundhouse Community Centre Artist in Residence Catherine Pulkinghorn is facilitating four public sessions of the Re-Imagining […]

Carter Xin

Research Assistant 2012-2013 Carter is a student of geography specializing in Urban Systems.  His curiosity and interests lie in city planning, sustainable transportation, and mapping.  Having returned to Vancouver and his hometown after 2 years abroad, he has found renewed loyalty and partiality to his hometown. He hopes to delve just a bit deeper into […]

Hailey Whitt

Hailey Whitt is a 4th year Communication Design student at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, working towards obtaining her Bachelor of Design in April of 2012. Prior to this, she moved from Calgary, Alberta to Montreal at the age of 17 to study Design Art (both graphic and industrial design) at Concordia University […]

Stroller Walk with Cygnus: Essay

Wayfinding in Yaletown: An Exploratory Walk Morning in Vancouver is a chilly affair, and that cool September morning of our wayfinding walk was no exception.  After commuting downtown, the sun soon broke through and cut through the crisp air, revealing another blue-skied day to add to our radiant streak of sunshine this past summer.  Overdressed […]

Stroller Walk with Cygnus

Denis Gautier

Denis Gautier is a building designer who works at the Vancouver based architecture firm Iredale. He is currently working at the firm while studying to become a registered architect through the AIBC. He has a background as an art curator and worked in art galleries for many years. He found that the big questions that […]