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Project Summary Posters

Posters designed by Hailey Whitt    

Transit Shelter Public Art Project Process

Vicky Kim Presentation on Transit Shelter Public Art Project Process

Exhibition: Background

Vancouver’s Yaletown is a new, mixed-use and residential neighbourhood, transitioned from a warehouse district after Expo 86’. Under the direction of Larry Beasley, urban planners set out to define a landscape that promoted “living first”. Through the development of the parks, boulevards and wide sidewalks framed by high rises and the seawall along False Creek […]

Transit Shelter Posters in Development

Vicky Kim Roundhouse Presentation on Transit Shelter Posters in development



Transit Shelter Public Art Project

Art Posters in Exhibition

Maquettes Revisited

Urban Intervention

Community Design Critique

Provocations through Signage and Wayfinding

November 17th marked our last walk and workshop in our Re-Imagining Wayfinding series this Autumn, and what better way to end our series with “another wet one,” as one of our participants quickly pointed out.  Rainclouds and umbrellas became the apparent theme throughout our workshops which was neatly summarized by that drizzly Saturday afternoon. However, […]

Internship Reflection Sandy Wang

Over the past several years I’ve grown increasingly curious about Vancouver. As a city I’ve lived in for most of my life, I’ve come to develop a kind of affection for the beauty, the faults, and the peculiarities of what I can comfortably call my home. As an almost corny sentiment I feel as though […]

Mentorship: Internship

Internship Reflection Christine Carino

CHRISTINE CARINO INTERNSHIP REFLECTION ARTISTS WALKING HOME RE-IMAGINING WAYFINDING IN YALETOWN SUMMER, AUTUMN 2012 Life is strange, isn’t it? We succumb to pressure and transform for the sake of conformity and social constructs. It’s crazy how deep in your heart, you can feel that something is missing. I think about the past few years and […]