Architectural Features

November 3, 2012
Presenter/ Madeleine Hebert

Exploring Architectural Features through a Heritage District Scavenger Hunt

Written by Madeleine Hebert

This week, I facilitated the third workshop in the Artists Walking Home Autumn Re-Imagining Wayfinding in Yaletown workshop series. I chose to focus on architectural features because it is in my field of study and I have always been interested in Heritage architecture. Creating a scavenger hunt for participants was a way to create an embodied learning experience that would animate the subject matter for the public. We had 25 participants come to the session, including some repeats from the previous weeks of workshops at the Roundhouse Community Centre in downtown Vancouver. We also had an intergenerational mix of people, from seniors to children, and it was great to see them interact during the scavenger hunt and workshop. Our team had already piloted my workshop this past August, and I had refined and tested the clues many times since that pilot. We started the session by having people brainstorm through drawing and text, defining wayfinding and naming some of the elements of wayfinding that people use daily. I then went over my introduction of Lynch’s Five Elements of Wayfinding. Kevin Lynch is an American urban planner who coined the term Wayfinding. His work in the 1960s inspired the entire development of my workshop; the five elements of wayfinding defined by him are: districts, nodes, paths, edges, and landmarks.

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