Community & Transportation

October 27, 2012
Presenter/ Christine Carino

Reflections & Revelations: Community & Transportation

Upon arrival in Vancouver, preparations for the upcoming workshop were rigorous and intense. The most challenging aspect of the entire experience was to simultaneously place myself in two places at once: one being at the aid of my fellow partners in San Diego for completion of our graduating Interior Design project. The other side of me was to polish up my Community and Transportation curriculum to ensure a successful delivery.

The feeling of developing and presenting a curriculum is striking and new. I feel incredibly honoured to present a project that not only sparked interest intergenerationally but utilized my creativity and abstract thoughts into something tangible and inspiring. I have always desired to be something bigger than myself, to have the opportunity to inspire large groups of people and facilitate creative change. My voice had always been confined to a handful of paintings that were always open to interpretation. I knew I needed an audience I could interact with on a continual basis. I always knew I would be capable once given the opportunity, but was oblivious to the amount of rigorous and technical detail it would entail.

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