Nature in the City

October 20, 2012
Presenter/ Aska Djikia

Nature in the City: Review

Aska Djikia

Very suddenly, it all came whirring to an end. For once, I did not have to pull an all-nighter to finish my work on time: my compulsive editing had ceased a week prior to showtime, with a few minor alterations here and there. My mind, split down the centre, woke me up at 6 in the morning day of. One side was confident that by now I had memorized everything down to the Table of Contents page, the other remembering that gripping emotion and near paralysis that accompanies stage fright. Nearing our Vancouver winter (aka eight months of perpetual gray), it was silent outside, and still dark. During our planning, Sandy Wang and I had prepared for the probability of rain: the drizzling, sizzling kind, the diagonally-propelling frozen-globule wrath of the weather-gods so forget ever using this umbrella again kind - yet almost every scenario resiliently ended with us taking the group outside. So I was thankful to find the day comparatively dry (with the exception of a brief but determined hailstorm that sounded as though it was going to take my building down with it.) Despite the lengthy wait to deliver my workshop, the day came to an end with unbelievable momentum, and I feel a post-partem separation as I reflect on this adrenaline-filled event.

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