Hailey Whitt

Hailey Whitt is a 4th year Communication Design student at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, working towards obtaining her Bachelor of Design in April of 2012. Prior to this, she moved from Calgary, Alberta to Montreal at the age of 17 to study Design Art (both graphic and industrial design) at Concordia University for two years. Two of her other passions besides design are painting and drawing. Most of her works are portraits drawn from memory, which are largely inspired by music. She is also interested in motion graphics and animation. Hailey cannot wake up in the morning without a cup of black coffee and, although she wants to cut down on the amount of caffeine she consumes, she often finds herself drinking multiple cups throughout the day. She attributes a lot of her determination and enthusiasm to this fact. She also has a strong interest in psychology and you will always find her in the midst of reading a book about the brain or other related subject matter. Spending time with her family and friends is her absolute favorite past-time, and attributes much of her success and motivation within the arts to having such strong love and support from both. She thanks her older sister for having taught her how to draw before she could properly spell, which has shaped her entire life around putting her artistic practice before academia (which might have been a problem in high school but nevertheless has led her to where she is today).