Walking Home Projects Residency at Interurban Gallery

November/December 2010

Most of the work of Walking Home Projects (WHP) happens in public spaces in Vancouver, exploring our streets, parks and other interesting places while walking and talking together.  Following months of being outside it was great to have a residency at Interurban Gallery during November and December of 2010.

Sign made by Sam Knopp at the entrance of Interurban Gallery Nov/Dec 2010 (Photo credit: Catherine Pulkinghorn)

We were able to experience the neighbourhood anew by being in this important community space at the intersection of Hastings and Carrall Streets, as well as sharing Walking Home Projects with a broader public via a variety of activities including walks, drawing parties, and artist talks.   Inviting WHP participants and members of the public to contribute to a growing exhibition over the course of the month was also important.

The public, students, participants, everyone was invited to draw at Walking Home Projects exhibit in Interurban Gallery from mid Nov to Dec 2010 (Photo credit: Catherine Pulkinghorn)

Having a place to house the expression of youth and community experiences of our explorations in the neighbourhood deepened our understanding of the intersections of the historic and contemporary Downtown Eastside.

Catherine Pulkinghorn

Please click below to hear Interurban Gallery Attendant and artist Molly being interviewed by Walking Home Projects in two parts: