Transit Shelter Public Art Project

October and November, 2013
Presenter Catherine Pulkinghorn, Sandy Chang, Vicky Kim, Heather Mitchell, Adrian Wu, Carter Xin

Re-Imagining Wayfinding Transit Shelter Public Art Vancouver

Written by Vicky Kim


As part of our 2 year co-research project with youth, community members, the Roundhouse Community Centre, and in conjunction with our exhibition Re-Imagining Wayfinding at 221A Artist Run Centre (October/November 2013), Artists Walking Home has been accepted into the City of Vancouver Public Art Program's Transit Shelter advertising project. During these months a dozen of our beautiful renderings will be seen in bus shelters across the City of Vancouver, drawing attention to our project conclusion and assertion that the individual, not academic or practitioner theory, needs to be most considered - and central - when designing wayfinding systems and signage.

The poster project is based on several photo shoots the AWH design team did during early 2013, capturing folks in their daily activities in Yaletown parks and along the seawall as well as in the neighbourhood's urban heritage area: walking, cycling, skateboarding, eating, playing, recreating, relaxing, etc. Derived from these images we (Catherine Pulkinghorn, Sandy Chang, Vicky Kim, Heather Mitchell, Adrian Wu, Carter Xin) developed a series of large scale posters for exhibition and public art.

Look for our posters installed at these designated Transit Shelter sites:
Howe/W. Georgia
Fraser/King Edward
Nanaimo/E. 3rd
Renfrew/E. 22nd
West Blvd./W. 60th
E. 49th/Main

There may be additional installations at other locations around the city. If you see any of the Re-Imagining Wayfinding posters, it would be great if you send us a photo to
We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition for the Artist Talk (November 16, 2013 at 221A).

Vicky Kim , Presentation on Transit Shelter Public Art Project process

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