Thank you!

Walking Home Yaletown Public Art 2010

I first want to say thank you very much to Catherine Pulkinghorn for introducing us to such a great experience during the summer.  Walking Home Yaletown Public Art is one of those experiences that you want all your friends to have.  It was so inspiring, fun and provided so much knowledge about Public Art, Vancouver and urban planning that it became the perfect thing to want to share with my friends.

When I heard about the program for the first time I thought about attending with the intention of just getting to know the city a little bit more, and especially the  public sculptures.  But I was surprised during every walk to learn not only about public art and the downtown neighbourhoods, but also important things about Vancouver’s history, architecture and its identity, and how these things not only are part of the development of the public art program, but also largely remain unknown.

Participating in the program made it so easy to understand the why and how of public art in Vancouver – we were given a lot of information – great information.

Having participants of different ages together, with different backgrounds and  interests was so helpful – providing such wonderful way to see different perspectives about the city.

There was no way to go home after every walk without having learned new things I wanted to share with my friends.  Walking Home Yaletown Public Art made me hungry for the knowledge about how all cities, like Vancouver, develop and manage public art, spaces and infrastructure.

-Neudis Abreu