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Commuting & Transportation Public Intervention

The early evening August air is toasty with mild tones of gray. As I type away on the commute home from Los Angeles to my hometown of San Diego, public transit flashbacks of Vancouver resonate within. I sit in the passenger’s seat next to my father; he is proud to tell me about all the […]

Commuting & Transportation Intervention

Aaron Chapman

Aaron is a writer, historian and musician with a career spanning over 20 years. A regular contributor to the Courier newspaper, Aaron is currently writing “Liquor, Lust & The Law” the history of the legendary Penthouse Nightclub – one of downtown Vancouver’s longest running family businesses and a treasure trove of stories, characters and scandals […]

Installations and Anarchists:

Installations and Anarchists: A colourful walk through Granville Street’s Public Art and Street Culture This morning marked my fourth time on Granville Street, wherein a perpetual glow of vibrancy has left me in awe each time. Although I am among one of the many summer tourists in Vancouver, my participation and experience as an intern […]

Street Culture & Public Art

Intuitive Wayfinding

Intuitive Wayfinding

Intuitive Wayfinding and the Awkward Social Parameters On a beautiful sunny Vancouver afternoon, we took advantage of the shady tree-made canopy behind the Roundhouse Community Centre as we sat down for introductions. Our guest speaker today, Henry Tsang, was invited to come and discuss his works along the seawall; his solo piece “Welcome to the […]

Take A Walk on the Wild Side!

Review of walk with Will Woods and Aaron Chapman. It was an awkwardly warm but grey Saturday morning when I pulled up on my bike to meet the group of morning walkers after losing my way to Granville St. (for Vancouverites, this is an embarrassing mistake to admit), just in time for the beginning of […]

Hidden Stories: Orpheum, Vogue and Penthouse

Transportation & Urban Development: Review

Throughout the course of my time spent in Vancouver, I acquired an enormous amount of knowledge about urban environments, and the many technical aspects of planning that we as a society generally overlook. One moment that was particularly moving to me was this afternoon’s walk with Gordon Price; former politician and current Director of Simon […]

Transportation & Urban Development

Henry Tsang

Henry Tsang’s projects incorporate digital media, video, photography, language and sculptural elements in the exploration of the relationship between the public, community and identity in the new global order. Projects in the public sphere range from community-based curatorial and engagement practices to permanent commissioned artworks. Video installations such as Orange County, 2004, and Olympus, 2006, […]

Gordon Price

Gordon Price is the Director of The City Program at Simon Fraser University. He sat for six terms as City Councillor in Vancouver, BC and also served on the Boards of the Greater Vancouver Regional District (Metro) and TransLink. In 2003, he received the Plan Canada Award for Article of the Year – “Land Use […]

Team & Cygnus Ten Minute Pitch Review

When Madeleine Hebert, Christine Carino and I joined the summer intern team for Artists Walking Home, we were encouraged by Director Catherine Pulkinghorn to pursue a personal project alongside our intern positions that would imbibe our past experiences and newfound knowledge from the internship, embodying our passions and interests while chasing this grand learning experience […]

Team Pitches