December 3, 2011
Presenter/ M. Simon Levin

Through the Looking Glass: Artist Walk in False Creek

Written by Stacey Ho

This past Saturday, I had the chance to take an artist-led walk through the area around False Creek. My guide: M. Simon Levin, an artist and educator whose practice is very much embedded in this placid and highly constructed environment. As a part of the Artists Walking Home public art program, Levin led a small group of us on a stroll along the False Creek waterfront, engaging participants with this site using a slew of inventive tactics. Levin's current project, a collaboration with artists Glen Lowry and Henry Tsang, is a critique of such master-planned condominium developments. Taking its name from the Arabic word for mirror, Maraya interrogates the parallel development of the Dubai Marina and its progenitor, Vancouver's Concord Pacific Place.

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