Maquettes Revisited

October - November, 2013
Catherine Pulkinghorn, Sandy Chang, Vicky Kim, Heather Mitchell, Adrian Wu, Carter Xin

Re-Imagining Wayfinding: Maquettes Revisited

As part of our 2 year community engaged project Re-Imagining Wayfinding in Yaletown, the Artists Walking Home team developed several bodies of art work for exhibition during the autumn of 2013. Our series of maquettes demonstrates the potential for the inclusion of community driven ideas and representation of their actual activities in alternative signage for Yaletown or other Vancouver neighbourhoods. An initial set of coroplast signs was created by Catherine, Sandy and the design team and installed was during our Urban Intervention in David Lam Park in June. In the months following our park conversations with seawall passers-by, we made some edits to both image and text content, adjusted colour, and added some entirely new signs to round out the series. We enjoyed re-installing the original maquettes as part of our exhibition at 221A, as well as showing our second version of the series via a digital display in the gallery.

Sandy Chang , Maquettes Revisited, Re-Imagining Wayfinding
Sandy Chang , Maquettes Intervention, Re-Imagining Wayfinding