Madeleine Hebert

Wayfinding Research Assistant 2012
Madeleine has lived in British Columbia her whole life, from Prince George to Nanaimo to Victoria and most recently Vancouver. She enjoys outdoor activities and traveling, inspired by her childhood sailing and traveling around North and Central America with her family. She started University in Physics, and then branched out into everything from Anthropology to Environmental Studies. She recently discovered design as a problem-solving tool that accommodates her inter-disciplinary interests and poses challenges like nothing else. She recently graduated from the Environmental Design program at UBC, and is planning on continuing to a Master’s in Architecture in 2013. She is interested in how design and context inter-relate: the built fabric stems out of context (or the designer’s perception of that context) and that built fabric in turn affects its context. The Artist Walking Home project provides an amazing opportunity to explore this complex relationship; she is excited about what this project will morph into.