July 31st, 2010 Storyboard Journal by WHYPA Participant Jennifer Sarkar

Walking Home Final Project Description
by Jennifer Sarkar

When the Walking Home Yaletown Public Art program (WHYPA) participants were asked at the very beginning of the WHYPA program to think about our own final project I went blank. I was thinking about it but honestly not too much. I had overheard other peoples’ ideas: picture documentation, journaling, updating the communal blog and other really creative things. So, I thought of something similar-along the lines of documentation.

Jennifer Sarkar final project/ Photo by Laurie Dawson

Throughout the program, I didn’t take too many notes, however, the things I saw tended to stay with me. Also, I am not a natural writer but I am very comfortable with drawings. So, I made a journal storyboard which contains drawings and some notes. It is very personalized and I believe if you look carefully you will see mistakes, which are completely part of my process when I am writing.

Jennifer Sarkar's final project/ Photo by Laurie Dawson

The physical structure of the final project is 6×6 inch book, which you can unfold. It is inspired by Red Horizontal, which we saw during our tour around False Creek. Each section of the book is dated with the days I was with WHYPA and contains drawings of the moments I remember – sketched from my memory rather than froma picture.

Jennifer Sarkar's final project/ Photo by Laurie Dawson

To do the outside and back cover of my storyboard journal, I looked at a city map and made a decision to layout lines which ever way I preferred to lay them out.

Jennifer Sarkar's final project/ Photo by Laurie Dawson

Lastly, the colour of the final project is Yellow. Why Yellow? Very simple: it’s the bright colour of a youth’s energy as well as the colour of the sun, which was with us throughout the project.

-Jennifer Sarkar