July 31st, 2010 “My name… is Laurie, Ellen, Dawson…?” – The Personal Privacy of Public Art.

Walking Home Yaletown Public Art Final Project Description
by Hiiro Prince

Having the honour to work with Laurie Dawson in the Walking Home Yaletown Public art program (WHYPA) gave me priceless insight into the medium of radio/audio arts. It helped me understand the industry and reflect on the many waysof archiving and capturing information from wherever you are in your dailyenvironments. I wanted to display my overwhelming respect and admiration forLaurie by channeling her genuine spirit and charismatic passion somehow. I came to the conclusion that I would in fact surprise her on the last day by doing a mock interview and switch the role of who was the radio geek queen. A big part of my inspiration was experimenting with my interests in improv, human performance, instantaneous acts of behavior and anything relating to catching the public’s attention.

Final Project by Hiiro Prince/ Photo by Bali Singh

This happened to be the case as my peers were all taken by shock, especially Laurie as she ironically was right there beside me anticipating to record what I had to say about my final project. When I put on my half broken BOSE headphones and plugged them into my iPod to replicate her own set up, I used the detached headphone as the receiver.

Hiiro Prince and Laurie Dawson/ Photo by Bali Singh

This worked perfectly as I did my best to take on someof Laurie’s predominant mannerisms that I internalized through the course of the 10sessions. The recording was about 90 seconds in length and it could’ve proceededto be much longer, I eventually look forward to experimenting with the concept ofrecording and improv work whenever the opportunity presents itself.

-Hiiro Prince