Intuitive Wayfinding

July 31, 2012
Presenter/ Henry Tsang

Intuitive Wayfinding and the Awkward Social Parameters

Written by Aska Djikia

On a beautiful sunny Vancouver afternoon, we took advantage of the shady tree-made canopy behind the Roundhouse Community Centre as we sat down for introductions. Our guest speaker today, Henry Tsang, was invited to come and discuss his works along the seawall; his solo piece “Welcome to the Land of Light” (1997) located along the Yaletown seawall, and a project entitled “Maraya" (2010) a collaboration between Simon Levin and Glen Lowry made to examine the similarities and differences of the seawalls of Dubai and Vancouver, both cities as leaders of urban development and with seawalls designed by Stanley Kwok. After a round of introductions with the summer 2012 interns we began our conversation with the obvious arching theme of the entire Re-Imagining Wayfinding in Yaletown project: what are we doing, and how do we define wayfinding?

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