Inside Heritage Buildings

August 11, 2011
Presenters/ Edwards, King and Johns

Inside Heritage Buildings Review

Essay by Hailey Whitt

We started our 3 part tour at the infamous Commodore Ballroom on Granville Street. Our guide, Sherri Edwards, the Special Events Manager - gave us incredible insight into the history, use, and the ‘behind the scenes’ action at the Commodore. She started off by giving us some history about the Ballroom, which to our surprise is not affiliated with the Commodore Bowling Alley in the basement of the same building. The Commodore Ballroom is part of the ‘Live Nation’ family, which not only owns a number of venues across North America, but is the owner of TicketMaster (making it one of the largest concert promotional companies in the world). Some of the artists under contract with Live Nation are big names such as Jay-Z, Madonna, and Nickelback.

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