Heather Mitchell

Design Research 2013
Archivist 2013
Exhibition Art Posters
Heather has a strong presence in the local community and is the Project Archivist at Artists Walking Home. She is involved in local recycling initiatives, urban farming, creative speakers events, and the host and participant of various Meet Up groups ranging from design to outdoor yoga. Heather is an urbanist designer retrofitting civic input with a focus on communal living. Moving to Vancouver from a small rural community has inspired her to adopt urbanization as a source of creativity transforming the social and environmental conditions of her surroundings. Her unique skill lies in the ability to connect people from outside groups and opposite areas of interests. Heather received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design while studying at Emily Carr University; her thesis was focused on urban recreation, reuse of local materials, and natural capitol of green spaces. She uses design to as tool of change, and investment in people.  Heather now embarks her new role as an archivist, project researcher and design assistant for Artists Walking Home. With similar values and goals, it is no co-incidence that Heather has found her way onto the team at Artists Walking Home.