Ghost Walk in Chinatown

December 5, 2010
Presenter/ Ken Lum

Ghost Walk in Chinatown Review

Essay by Samantha Knopp

Today’s walk began with a large group gathered at the 221A Artist Run Centre for a rare opportunity to go for a walk with Ken Lum, one of Canada’s most internationally recognized contemporary artists. At home in Vancouver, Ken is most well-known for his numerous public artworks adorning the city. Today’s walk was particularly special because it was the pilot for a series of walks in 2011 organized by Walking Home Projects and 221A Artist Run Centre that will feature artists, designers, and architects. Ken made it clear from the start that we were in for something different – this wasn’t going to be one of John Atkin’s rigourously historical tours. Instead, Ken’s approach to the city would be comparable to the Situationists, a group of artists (and thinkers) from the 1960’s who were famous for their exploration of the “constructed nature of various situations”, and the urban environment in particular.

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