July 14th, 2010 Evening Walk with Catherine Pulkinghorn

Guest post by Jordan Hemsley

I had the pleasure of taking Catherine Pulkinghorn’s Walking Home Yaletown Public Art tour as a guest on July 14th,  2010.

Time Top Project by artist Jerry Pethick (photo credit: Neudis Abreu)

It really opened my eyes– not only in terms of learning about many of the interesting homegrown art pieces interspersed throughout the Yaletown area, but also the context in which those pieces were conceived, and to a lot of the history of the area as well. I would recommend this tour to anyone who wished to learn more about Vancouver, and the ways in which art can fit into a city in a public, everyday manner. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn so much about this unique piece of Vancouver!- Jordan Hemsley


Coopers Park (photo credit: Neudis Abreu)

Director Catherine Pulkinghorn informs us about public art and infrastructure in Yaletown

Click below to hear Walking Home Projects Director Catherine Pulkinghorn talk about buildings you may not notice in Yaletown: