Christine Carino

Planning Researcher 2012
Workshop Presenter Community and Transportation
A San Diego native, born to First Generation Filipino immigrants, Christine Carino has embraced creative expression from a young age. Blessed with a great upbringing and possessing a strong work ethic, Christine ultimately wants to beautify cities; like all individuals, each city has the potential to thrive on this planet. From the exposure to social and economic disparities within her native roots in the Philippines, Christine finds refuge from anguish and injustice through the power of paint and canvas. Previously an art teacher in culturally and socially diverse neighbourhoods throughout San Diego, she understands the importance of empowering the individual through art in varying forms. With the completion of a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design with minors in Environmental Studies and History at San Diego State University, Christine seeks to pursue a Master’s in Urban Studies and Design. As she removes herself from her natural environment, embarking on six-week artistic journey throughout Vancouver, this self-proclaimed wanderluster cannot help but kiss the sky for this wonderful opportunity!