Aska Djikia

Research Assistant 2012
Project Coordinator 2012
Workshop Presenter Nature in the City
Aska Djikia (a·ska jee·kee·yah) is a global mess of a child, having lived in five countries, and moved across continents three times, prompting the personal slogan, “home is where my ass is.” At the age of 17, she moved on her own from Ankara, Turkey to Vancouver, BC to complete a degree in the arts. She discovered design at an ungodly 8:30 in the morning on a Monday in first year and today is a recent graduate from Emily Carr University with a Bachelors in Interaction Design. Currently, she is merging her interests of design, the arts, writing and research working as a program coordinator at Artists Working Home, where she is helping build the foundation for a wayfinding project in Yaletown. Ten years from now, Aska sees herself traveling, living and preaching sustainable design/redesign, working with impoverished communities and fighting to keep this planet green (and saving small animals on the side.) Her lifelong passions include playing the flute, exploring nature and turning late-night, occasionally wine-induced cynicism into creative solutions.