Architectural Heritage

August 14, 2012
Presenter/ Denis Gautier

Heritage or Not: A Guide to Architecture

Written by Madeleine Hebert

We met Denis in the plaza in front of the Roundhouse Community Centre. He kindly gave us two hours of his time, despite being in the midst of an office crisis! I had met with Denis in his office the previous week and we had discussed his work on heritage preservation and his creations of a master plan; these discussions were great but I really wanted to see Denis in situ and have him show us the architecture of Yaletown. Denis is knowledgeable enough that he can take any area (even one he doesn’t know much about) and read the architecture’s history; his background as an art curator made him a well-rounded presenter. We asked Denis what had taken him from the art world into architecture. He was drawn because of the big urban questions that are being asked in every sector: how are people relating to the city and to their immediate environments? Since architecture represents an omnipresent entity of our environment, we can turn to it as one of the solutions to these questions. Good design practices in architecture can create a language-less expression of space that anyone can relate to.

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